New ways to stop lipsticks from darkening lips

Long-term use of lipsticks — especially lower-quality lip colors — can permanently darken lips over time, due to the harsh chemicals in the cosmetics. But there are some things you can do yourself to help lighten dark lips and remove some of the staining that the makeup can cause.
Stop using the products. If you continue using the lipsticks that caused the problem in the first place, you’ll only make the darkening worse.

Try lime and honey. A mixture of lime juice, honey, and glycerine, applied regularly, could help lighten dark lips. You’ll need to apply it every day for several weeks before you see any positive effects.
Consider almonds, butter, and milk. After you wash your lips, apply almond milk, almond oil, or cream made from milk, and let it stay on your lips for at least one hour. Continue using this treatment daily for several weeks to lighten your lips.
Experiment with other natural ingredients. Some experts suggest beetroot, pomegranate, or coriander juice to lighten lips. To make coriander juice, grind up some coriander leaves in a blender.
Moisturize your lips. Keeping your lips moisturized can help make them appear lighter. You can try natural lip softeners like clarified butter or over-the-counter products like Vaseline to help condition your lips and lighten them. Apply either of these to your lips at night and as needed during the day to help moisturize and protect them.
Use lemons. Lemon juice is well known for its skin-lightening abilities. You can make a paste of equal parts lemon juice, graham flour, yogurt, and honey, and rub it onto your lips. Leave the paste on your lips for a half hour, then wash it off.
Keep your lips covered. Use sunscreen to protect your lips — the sun can increase the amount of pigment in your lips, making them even darker.
Limit your exposure to other potential skin darkeners. Cigarettes, coffee, and tea do more than stain teeth — they can also darken lips. Give your lips a break from these potential stainers.
Consult a doctor. If these home remedies don’t solve the problem, make an appointment with your dermatologist or doctor. He or she can prescribe an intensive lightening cream or another treatment to help lighten your dark lips and bring them back to a more natural color.


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