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DNA Serum (Renovage)
DNA Serum (Renovage) 2.5 oz.   Renovage works with a component of the DNA of the skin, called telomeres. Telomeres appear as caps on the strands of DNA that are found within the skin and have a finite life span, and shorten over time. Throughout one's life and at the cellular level, telomeres shorten and are eventually depleted. Once a sufficient number of telomeres succumb, we begin to see deep lines, wrinkles and sagging in the facial area. Renovage treats the skin, beginning with the skin cells, allowing an increase in the life span of the telomeres.
Clinically proven to improve the various signs of aging, Renovage™ visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots, large pores and skin redness. It can also work to increase the skin’s natural moisture content and barrier function, promote firmer, stronger skin, and improve skin texture working at the DNA level. Renovage is an anti-glycation ingredient.
What makes my formula so different and special? It’s the mixture of exact right ingredients in the exact right amounts. All of the ingredients in DNA Serum complement each other and were selected very carefully.  The ingredients alone and in different percents would not provide the same results – I guarantee it!

Stabilizes TelomeresStabilizes telomers, keeping them from shorteningWrinklesPlumps up and fills out skin; greatly reducing lines and wrinkles.Firms SkinFirms the skin

Slows AgingSlows the aging process.Minimize PoresTightens enlarged pores.Anti-GlycationAnti-glycation,
Anti-OxidantFree radical scavenger (anti-oxidant)Reddened SkinReduces redness.Moisturize SkinSkin moisture is greatly improved.
Blotchy SkinEvens skin tone.Rough SkinSmoothes rough skin.Age SpotsFades sun spots.
UV ProtectionInhibits UV radiation.

  1. Shake well.
  1. Apply 1-2 pumps to clean skin once or twice daily including your neck and décolleté.
  1. Since it’s a serum, it goes on before lotions, creams, oils and sun protection.  Allow to soak in completely prior to applying any other product(s) over it.
  1. Store at room temperature.

Sea Buckthorn Oil promotes cell tissue regeneration, improves metabolism and retards skin maturation, slowing the aging process. It's loaded with essential fatty acids — not produced by the human body — which are necessary for optimal repair and function of skin. Carotenoids additives offer protection from oxidative damage and so inhibit UV radiation. It's Sterols are responsible for restructuring cellular membranes for enhanced metabolism and inflammation control to restore the skins moisture.
Sunflower Extract helps prevent the cross-linking that causes collagen fibres to lose their elasticity. It’s an anti-wrinkle, anti-oxidant that is rich in phenolic acids. Phenolic acids are a type of phytochemical that have proven DNA protecting benefits for the skin. They are antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic. They also absorb UV rays. Sunflower Extract is an anti-glycation ingredient.
Amalaki Extract battles discoloration and age spots. Phyllanthus Emblica has received much attention as a very valuable botanical extract. It is used to combat the signs of premature aging; as well as striae (stretch marks) and wrinkles. Amalaki has powerful antioxidant properties and has a high content of Vitamin C (okay to use with your copper peptide).
Algae Extract is firming and moisturizing. Algae Extract is the newest, hottest tensor due to its all-natural and marine-derived appeal. By inhibiting degradation of the extra cellular matrix, this active ingredient exhibits an excellent firming effect. It is also improves the skin’s moisture content. Algae Extract contains polysaccharides (sugars) that act as natural humectants (which help to promote the retention of moisture in the skin); alginates (components that provide moisture and elasticity to the skin); fucoidanes (sulfated polysaccharides that stimulate circulation); polyphenols (anti-septic, anti-inflammatory agents and anti-oxidants); and fucosterol (an excellent emollient, blood stimulant, diuretic and moisturizing agent).
Fennel Extract  increases the elasticity of connective tissues of the skin. It’s also an anti-septic, diuretic, stimulant and tonic.  Fennel Extract has a soothing, cleansing and toning effect on the skin, especially for mature complexions; helping keep wrinkles at bay. An active anti-oxidant, it also reduces water retention in the skin, which can give a puffy appearance. While we want to fill out our skin, we don’t want a puffy look! The lymphatic stimulant action it provides removes excess water in the tissue where it needs to be removed. Fennel Extract removes toxins, maintains muscle tone and stimulates healthy circulation.
Gluconolactone strengthens the skin barrier function, enhances moisturization, has quite an effect on photoaging (sun damage) It is a natural UV protector, firms skin, and improves sallowness, fine lines, wrinkles, roughness, hyperpigmentation and pore size. It is also shown to alleviate rosacea and is a natural preservative.
Natural Alpha-Bisabolol breaks down larger particles and increases ingredient penetration. For this DNA Serum, there are no larger particles to break down; however, I added it for its ability to increase product penetration. It’s like putting all active ingredients on steroids! It’s also very soothing and calming to the skin therefore evening skin tone. Alpha-Bisabolol has strong anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties, has anti-mycotic and anti-bacterial effects.
Aloe Vera has the unique ability to stimulate cell renewal. Fibroblast cells are found in the dermis of the skin and are responsible for fabricating collagen, the skin's support protein. During sun exposure and through normal aging processes, fibroblasts slow their collagen production. As aging continues, the quality of collagen is lessened and wrinkling deepens. Aloe Vera improves fibroblast cell integrity; also quickening the making of collagen. In studies, it was found to increase production of human fibroblast cells six to eight times faster than normal cell reproduction. Aloe vera calms and heals skin, makes the skin smooth and glowing and destroys bacteria that try to invade cuts or open wounds. It is an excellent skin moisturizer that keeps the skin flexible by giving oxygen to the cells which in turn increases the strength and synthesis of skin tissue. It improves the ability of the skin to hydrate itself, is helpful in removing dead skin cells and has the ability for effective penetration and transportation of healthy substances through the skin. Aloe vera prevents aging of the skin, nourishes the skin and tissues with vitamins E and C, lightens dark spots on the face and reduces the intensity of pigmentation while soothing your skin.
If you use Retin-A, or any form of tretinoin, Retin-A goes on your skin first. Wait 20-30 minutes and apply DNA Serum. If you are layering products, please refer to the Product Instructions that are on the top menu bar of every page. They show the order in which to apply the products.
DNA (Renovage) is added to: Organic Aloe Vera, Purified Water, Sunflower Seed Extract, Amalaki Berry Extract, Algae Extract, Fennel Fruit Extract, Sea Buckthorn, Gluconolactone, Natural Alpha Bisabolol,  Polysorbate 20, Optiphen.
I’ve been using the new DNA Serum for about two months now and can tell you that it has made a huge difference in my skin! I’m absolutely in love with it and only wish I'd formulated it sooner.  The first thing I noticed about it was the added moisture to my skin. The second thing was how it fills out my skin, similar to how I would imagine a botox or restylane injection would be. I’m not kidding! The third thing I noticed was how it’s filling out my under eye area. It started at the outside corner and has worked its way into the inner corner.
I have under eye puffy bags which have been greatly improved with the Easy Eye Solutions; and with the DNA Serum, they have improved even further. How we are going to be able to tell if DNA Serum is actually stopping the defraying of telomeres is beyond me. That’s something that can only be proven to me in time. There are studies that prove it, but I will need to see that for myself.
TESTER FEEDBACK (more to come)
I know I have only used this DNA two days but my under eye area looks amazing.....OMG! I am a girl that NEVER goes without foundation just because I like the finished look but honestly my skin looks so amazing with this on I hate to put anything on top of it. I predict this will be a best seller without question. I have many friends that are strugglers with under eye skin texture that will need to know about this product so when you have it ready for sale I need to let them know.
I have seen the filling out of the skin under the eyes...kinda like the hollows getting plumped up. I noticed this when I was examining it this morning. The only time I have noticed this was immediately after a light treatment) short lived of course)....I haven't used my LED in over a week so this is just the plumping is from this product. I am over the top with that sheen and dewy glow that is there....hadn't had ANYTHING ever do that before! My hands got a dose this morning!
When I smile I see wrinkling right under the eyes....with this DNA whatever it is doing there is WAY less is as if it adds a layer of thickening to the skin just after application...too soon for any regenerating aspects I am sure but even what is happened just on application is just amazing!!!
Okay still flipping out over the DNA Serum and I like the spot reducer (Formula 5-5-5) as well. The great thing about the DNA product is it is instant difference upon application.  My skin picks up a golden glow and wonderful sheen and the surface texture is way smoother. If I wasn't a person that loves foundation I wouldn't be wearing any because my skin looks amazing with this on. I know so little about actives in skincare but just from what I am seeing in my skin this product delivers immediately what is needed to transform the skin...can't wait to see what long term results produce. If I was excited at first application I am even more so days later...this stuff rocks!
I am still thrilled with both products. I am seeing a slight fading with the spot remover and I know it will take time which doesn't bother me in the is exciting to see the fading. The DNA product continues to blow me away. In the beginning I noticed the really nice look upon application, now I am seeing the improvement in my skin even when the product is not on. My under eye area hasn't looked this good in four years. My under eye area is lifted and smoothes out and very hydrated. My entire face looks that way but the under eye area is what is getting my attention because it is what needed a lot of help. This is my take on what the product is doing.... I have ferns on my front porch and I will use them as a comparison. Watering my ferns makes them perk up and look full.  Now for the really big deal... I put miracle grow on my ferns the lush green color comes out and the growth and fullness comes forth. This is was the DNA product is doing for my skin.... it is literally feeding my skin and my skin is sucking it up. I am looking at the color and texture of my face and blown away at how skin looks radiant and completely renewed it looks. Please tell me how much you will be selling it for because it is not a want or desire is a necessity!
Today marks day 15 of using the new product and I got up this morning and put nothing on my face for several hours and then viewed it. My results are lifted under eye area that is tremendously improved skin to an unbelievable state for 15 days. I can honestly say that since I was 50....six years ago my under eye area hasn't looked this good. I could possibly go further back but it was age 50 that I really started closely paying attention to the real details of my face. I can also add that at 50 my vision was failing up close and what I saw going on in my face might not have been as clear a picture due to vision loss....I probably looked worse. Today my vision is perfect, (I had lens replacement) and I see every detail so my skin review now is the real reality!! So my guess is there is more improvement that I even imagine. Whatever negative happened with me on the use of CPS has definitely been reversed and then some. Some say the cps just revealed the damage that was underneath.... that is possible I don't know but now I am back and getting better. Nanci I wonder if this product might be a must for cp users to prevent any uglies....boy wouldn't that be an interesting opportunity!
This is interesting.  I just checked the mirror - the crepiness in the inner corner of my eyes isn't there!  It's only been a week but I'm seeing subtle texture changes in the skin on my face and neck.
I'm loving the serum and one thing is that I don't need as much moisturizer with it.  Also, at first, two pumps were covering my face and neck and now one pump does a great job of covering my face and neck!
Funny you wrote, because I was wondering to myself when I should give an update... figured I'd give it a solid month, but I'm just over the three week mark, so that's good enough! : )  One thing I can say without question is that it was perfectly compatible with my oily skin...didn't break me out or feel greasy AT ALL.  And a little goes a long way (using at night over CP and under Retinol...collagen-elestan lifting serum during the day)!  I think you said in one of your emails to me that it could take awhile to tell whether the serum is affecting the "raveling" phenomenon, but while it hasn't even been a month, I do think I'm seeing some "plumping" in the skin in the cheeks and n/l area.  I also really like it for the eye area...I put it directly on the lids and around the eyes, then Retinol on top (no CP on the eyes for me...I always get the crinkled-skin "uglies"...waaaah!!!), and everything looks great in the morning!  So, all in've created another winner, and I want to keep using it and see what develops from there!
Hi Nanci, I've been using DNA test serum over two weeks faithfully twice per day.  I've come to rely on it as a secret weapon.  I do other "stuff" - some form or another most everyday.  For me it may be dermarolling or LED lights, facial exercise or facial brushing, and have for a few years.  The DNA formula has become the icing on the cake.  It may be that it makes the results of the other stuff better or that it is just an outstanding product on its own.  I'm not sure at this point but I am one happy girl.   I am seeing obvious "youthenizing" of the entire eye area.   I can't even say one area is more obvious than another; just that the entire eye looks younger.  How can you beat that?  The texture is a dream.  I tend to be oily and it sinks in and goes to work.  For all you oily girls I have had no problems with this product.  FYI: I am using this over the Collagen-Elestan Lifting Serum I bought previously in the AM.    What I am most amazed at is the immedate effect  - and am thrilled at the long term possibilities.   I am honored to have tested this and highly recommend.


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