10 Ways To Solve Common Wardrobe Disasters

You're out at a major event, wearing your low cut dress. While you know the dress doesn't fit you perfectly, you're sure a shoulder strap won't fall down and expose a breast. But it does and now you have to know how to survive a public wardrobe malfunction.
We’ve all had those mornings. Your jacket zipper is stuck. Your heel gets caught in a sidewalk grate. And, whoopsie, your favorite button-down seems to be gaping a bit more than usual. 10 Ways To Solve Common Wardrobe Disasters

No doubt about it…wardrobe malfunctions are total downers. But before throwing in the towel, try these handy dandy tricks! Simply channel your inner MacGyver and reach for a few everyday office tools. 
1.) Need to repair a piece of clothing on-site without an emergency sewing kit? Grab a stapler to fix broken zippers or loose sleeves – just staple from the inside out.
2.) If a zipper is stuck, rub the tip of a graphite pencil over the area to loosen it up.
3.) Need to erase a stain before a big meeting? Ask around for a stain-removing pen. Alternatively, dry-erase board cleaner works just as well – but test a small area first if your clothing is isn’t white.
4.) If a button-down shirt or wrap dress is gaping more than anticipated, a loop of strong packing tape to hold the fabric together should do the trick.
5.) For scuffed shoes or holes in a pair of tights, a dark marker will provide a temporary fix.
6.) Lint can quickly be removed from an outfit with a packing list envelope (like the kind FedEx makes, and available at any office supply store). Just take off the adhesive backing and slip the envelope on like a glove.
7.) Trickier problems, like a broken heel, may require more creativity, but you’re not out of options. Duct tape works wonders for holding a shoe together, and a marker can help blend everything in.
8.) Plan ahead for things like a ripped seam, a stain on your blouse, or an ice-cold office by having a spare neutral-colored cardigan at your desk. Just keep it on a hanger or slung over your chair in case disaster strikes.
9.) If you lose your earring back, just snap off the eraser from a pencil and stick it behind the earring for a temporary fix.
10.) Mend a broken strap, whether it's from your shoe or bra, by looping a paper clip through both ends to keep things together. Just avoid sudden drastic movements until you get home.


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